Retina Surgery in Sterling

Sterling retina eye care

Retina surgery in Sterling

Retina surgery in Sterling

If you think you may have an eye problem, you will want to come in to our practice for the very best eye care diagnosis and treatment. Our practice is The Retina Group of Washington. At our practice we have 26 expert eye doctors on staff, with doctors who specialize in all aspects of retinal eye care. If you need retina surgery in Sterling, you can do no better than to visit our eye care practice for expert diagnosis and treatment.

We are very pleased to have four top-notch doctors at our Sterling office. Our Sterling doctors are: Dr. Mohammed K. Barazi; Dr. Dal W. Chun; Dr. Alexander Melamud; and Dr. Michael H. Osman. At our practice you will be able to meet with a retina specialist to be sure you will receive expert diagnosis and treatment, including the highest level of retina surgery in Sterling. Our doctors often consult with our other ophthalmologists in our office when encounter a specific eye care issue with one of our patients. So in effect, when you are being seen by one of our doctors you are benefiting from the collective expertise of all of our 26 doctors. Our offices are located throughout the Washington DC area and surrounding communities so that patients will feel that they are receiving highly individualized treatment and care. Our practice specializes in treating problems of the retina and macular of the eye. Our eye care group is one of the most highly-respected retinal practices of the country.

The Retina Group of Washington has been in existence for over 30 years, and is well-known for providing the highest level of care for ophthalmology patients with retinal problems. At our practice you will be able to receive testing that will help determine what kind of treatment you need and if you will need retina surgery in Sterling. Our testing helps our doctors to accurately diagnose and evaluate your retinal condition. Among the kinds of tests we do in our office are: digital retinal photography; fluorescent angiography; digital high-speed indocyanine Green angiography; optical coherence tomography; and B-scan ultrasonography. Our doctors are also able to provide many in-office treatments to help with a wide variety of retinal conditions. Should you need retina surgery in Sterling you will be happy to know that our doctors have privileges in all major hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers where retinal procedures are frequently performed. This will help you be able to get surgery closer to home and at a location that is accepted by your insurance company. For an appointment to see one of our retinal surgeons for diagnosis and treatment, contact us today.

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