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A retinal exam can tell you a lot about your general state of health that goes well beyond the your vision. A retinal exam is a non-invasion procedure but offers a wealth of knowledge to your bodily state because we are able to see directly into the eye. At the Retina Group of Washington looks at the whole person and understands the importance these tests have on the well being of the patient. The Ashburn Ophthalmologist community agrees that taking the proper steps early when it comes to your retinal health is the key to ensuring great vision in years to come.

At the Retina Group of Washington you go through a wide array of tests from the basic ones like your eye muscle tests which track the health of the eye muscles as they track objects across the room, and the visual acuity test which we are all very familiar with from our school days of reading the chart with letters and symbols that get progressively smaller. They also do things like screening for glaucoma and visual field tests, which show in order to show the full, extend of what you can see from side to side. If it can be done in a retina test you can rest assured that of all Ashburn ophthalmologists none are more thorough.

In determining what is the best course of action for your visual health you need to run the whole gauntlet of tests to have every option at your disposal. Many times things can be corrected with surgery and other times you merely need a stronger prescription. At the Retina Group of Washington looking the whole patient is paramount, and getting you the care that’s right for you is the goal. Ashburn ophthalmologist and the Retina group of Washington setting the standard for retinal examination.

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