Ophthalmology Specialist in Sterling

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Ophthalmology Specialist in Sterling

Your health is important every second of every hour of every day, so it is something that you should think about and take care of constantly. In addition to making healthy life choices and generally taking care of yourself, it is also important that you seek the proper medical care that you require in the event of a development, an injury, or other medical event. Here at The Retina Group of Washington, our ophthalmology specialist in Sterling can help provide you care in the event of ocular trauma, which should be treated seriously and should be treated as soon as possible, too.

Like other types of physical injuries, eye injuries can trauma to the eye can be incredibly serious and should be looked at immediately. Some eye injuries can lead to infections or even damage and loss of vision, so it is imperative that you see a specialist as soon as you possibly can. If you believe that you have experienced any kind of eye trauma or have suffered from an injury, you need to make sure that you seek the help of an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Some eye injuries are subtle, such as certain instances where retinal detachment can occur, but the presence of sudden symptoms like changes or loss of vision can alert you to the fact that something has happened. Other cases of eye trauma are more noticeable, especially ones that occur along with other more obvious injuries or ones that exhibit signs and symptoms like pain, discomfort, discharge, redness and other signs. Here at The Retina Group of Washington our ophthalmology specialist in Sterling can help provide the treatment that you need in order to care for your vision as well as prevent vision loss while improving your overall eye health.

Injuries are incredibly serious and we here at The Retina Group of Washington do what we can to address, diagnose, and treat eye related issues, diseases, injuries, trauma, and other conditions with the utmost precision and care. If you believe that you may have suffered from eye trauma or an eye injury please call us as soon as possible to book an appointment with one of our ophthalmology specialists today.


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